Custom OSRS Player Model Statues

Custom statues of game characters have always been the height of personalization for me. I ordered a Minecraft figurine for my brother once; it was full color and made from sandstone. Another time I bought him a figurine made to look exactly as his World of Warcraft character.

From reading Reddit post, I think many, myself included, have had a desire for a similar personalized RuneScape player model statue service. I have been working hard to accomplish this.

It all starts with the Bobs and Bobettes

bob and bobette models

Using the character models as the base, equipped items and personalizations like hair can be made. This is achieved with modeling software, I prefer blender since it is free.

max ranger

Models are then prepared for 3D printing. This is necessary because a raw model freshly exported from modeling software e.g. blender is not 3D print-friendly. It likely contains many of the problems such as non-manifolds, boundary edges, overlapping faces, duplicate triangles, bad wall thicknesses, etc.

In this picture, the left version of the OSRS figurine has red highlights indicating areas that are problematic for 3D printing. The right version shows the OSRS figurine after these issues have been repaired. 

Next, the fixed custom OSRS player model gets imported into the 3D printing slicing software. This software creates the gcode used by 3D printers to lay down the filament in two-dimensional layers thousands of times creating one final 3D object.

The slicing software is also responsible for adding supports to the model, this allows floating objects, like the twisted bow, to be printed. These settings have to be played with to get the best result.

A 7-inch version of this model will take nearly 17 hours to print and will likely fail on the first try. I say it will likely fail because this has often been my experience with complicated models. You have to watch them carefully, identify the point of failure, and then go way back to the modeling software and fix it.

For the sake of saving time, I have printed a 3-inch version. This functions as a decent minimal viable product and has given me some great insight into if the print will be a success or not.

You'll note however the quality of a print this small is quite bad, this is because I am using a rather large nozzle (0.7mm) for such fine features. If I used a smaller nozzle that is better suited for fine details, the print time would increase, so for this case, I have purposely avoided it. When I eventually test a 7 inch figurine the details will look much cleaner.

maxed ranger with supports

Overall I was really impressed with this print. The one issue I found is that it failed on the inside tip of the robin hood hat because there were no supports there. I will need to manually add some supports to get this part to print successfully. This is why a smaller print first is so important. If I had done the full print first it wouldn't have failed to this very last point, wasting those 17 hours!

Once a print is successful it is time to remove the supports, sand the model smooth, and then paint! Painting is the most meticulous process, colors are carefully matched from the in-game reference and line work is scrutinized. We paint these to the best of our human capabilities.

Maxed Ranger Figurine Cleaned Up

Finally what you are left with is an awesome OSRS player statue!

We are still experimenting with this process, especially with much more complex outfits, but these custom OSRS character statues will be available sooner than later.

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