Golden Gnome Award & More!

Back in September nominations for the Golden Gnome awards opened, we had previously made the short list (thank you!) and I had posted asking for your support. I'm excited to share we won. Officially the 'Best New OSRS Artist' for 2020. It's great to be recognized in this way, I appreciate all of you who voted.

Now for some updates. Currently we have four pre-orders open. The first to drop are Zuk, Bob the cat, and Chins - in that order. Then we're focusing on another batch of Jads. 

For this next batch of Jads we've actually changed the design slightly from a technical perspective. The actual appearance remains the same, except quality will be better. What we've done is split the feet into separate parts, the reason for this is to make polishing the sides more accessible.

For Jads we use a two-part mold, and the way it's oriented leaves the seem running straight down the sides. This leaves a big line of flashing that has to be removed. This has always been a trouble area because Dremel's didn't like to fit in there, no longer is that a problem.

As for future plans after we've finished all of the above. I think we're going to do some more Vorkaths, I've received 5 or 6 emails requesting more so that's a good sign there's still interest. We also plan on doing Bandos and some popular skilling pets.

I think these simple iconic monsters are what to do going forward. Zuk has been a hard sell, I think because most people don't have any special affinity for him since it's end game content they've yet to reach.

Always open to ideas and suggestions. This is how we pick what to do next, so if there's anything you'd like to see please do let us know!

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Hi Crumb, eagerly anticipating both your upcoming Giant Mole and General Graar’dor high-grade resin figurines in the weeks and months to come! (Much like with the Runescape: The First 20 Years book from Jagex themselves that I’ve already pre-ordered and are keenly anticipating for it’s arrival around August/September this year!)

I am curious though, as far as what recommendations you are thinking of for bosses that people think of fondly, (seeing how it’s understandable that TzKal-Zuk, mighty as he may be for the elite PvM’ers of OSRS, is not one that will resonate with most ordinary players) if the Kalphite Queen herself would be a good choice for many people think of her alongside the Dagganoth Kings and the Chaos Elemental when it comes to the iconic bosses fought way back in actual 2007scape, reckon both phases would be attractive enough (although I won’t blame you if the second flying phase is too awkward to work with and stick to the 1st phase to make it workable) for people to be fascinated by it, but whichever direction your passion of art takes you in Crumb, I’ll be keen to support you with the right figurines and, thankfully, the two new ones are rather promising at that!

Wishing you the best on both OSRS and the other side as always,

Lewis Wilkinson/Virtue Power


Hey just checking if you plan on having Callisto in stock again?


Can you please restock the girl character with tbow? I will buy.


Hey, just want to say I also have interest in Vorkath. Just bought the Jad Pre-order, looking forward to the Vorkath batch!


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