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Custom Monster

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Customs are closed for the foreseeable future. No great plans to take on more anytime soon, sorry to disappoint!

Please include details about what monster you want in the notes field of the shopping cart. Alternatively use the contact page to specify after ordering.

Lilly and I are always trying to expand the selection of figurines. After successfully offering custom player figurines, we thought a 'Custom Monster' option is not only doable, but a great way to expand the selection.

If there is some boss, pet or NPC you'd love to get your hands on this is the place. We will design and paint the monster with the same skill and care as the other figurines we pour our love into.

If creating your dream figurine isn't possible we will promptly let you know and process a full refund, but we don't expect this to be the case. Please kept in mind it takes us a little longer than usual to make a figurine from scratch like this, so time till shipment might be 3 - 4 weeks.