An Approach for the Future

Implementing Curation & Sale Limits

The love for what my girlfriend and I have been creating has been amazing! As we approach the end of the outstanding orders things will be opening for sale again here.

Though we have spent a ton of time expanding the selection of the store unfortunately many items will not be available for sale right away. I started this store to supplement the income I earn on YouTube but doing so many complex models has proven to eat up all my time. I need to upload videos again!

Therefore, going forward, only a rotating curation of select items will be available for purchase each month. The quantity of the items available each month will be severely limited too, so if you want something it would be advantageous to jump on it.

An example of what might be available the first month we reopen:

  • Jad (10 available)
  • Kraken (5 available)
  • Chincompas (5 sets aka 20 available)
  • Moles (5 available)
  • Tektons (5 available)
  • Bob The Cat (5 available)

Then, the following month, some of these items will be swapped with other models. For example, instead of offering the Kraken, we might do Rocky. Painting items in batches is much more efficient, and this really will help with that.

We think this approach will allow us to get items made and shipped within a reasonable time.


Regarding custom players and one-off items, while we love making them honestly, they are not worth what I feel we can charge. So, there is no intention of opening sales on these again for the foreseeable future. If we do, they will likely be limited to one or two a month and the price will need to drastically increase.

Better Figurines

One thing we have been working hard on is improving the quality of the figurines we make. I think we have hit the nail on the head. The following pictures show the contrast between the traditional way we made figurines and our new approach. They look so much more professional.

Not everything will be made in resin right away, for right now we are focusing on KBD, Vorkath and Jad. These the the most popular and we intend on having them for sale every month.

 PLA & Normal Acrylic Resin, Airbrush & Softbody Acrylic

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I just wanted to let you know how awesome your idea is. I really wish more youtubers came up with unique ways to sell merch instead of just a T-shirt or the giant mouse pads. (Not that there is anything wrong with those.) I’m very curious what new designs you will be coming out with! And chance on any of the end game gear? (Ie TBOW, godswords, Scythe, etc.) also if you plan on coming out with any more Bosses (Godwars, Thermy, Sire, just to name a few.) anyways absolutely love you and your girlfriends creativity and determination!


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