Mailing Deadlines for Christmas

Looking for a RuneScape player in your life? Canada Post has released their mailing deadlines for Holiday sending. You can find their full article here but I've broken it down for your convenience.

If you need your item to arrive in-time for Christmas it's best to place your order as soon as possible.

Please note these deadlines by Canada Post do not guarantee your item will arrive on time. In addition, please allow one extra day for me to pack your order and drop it off at the post office. 

For those ordering within Canada:

 $5 Promo Airmail Xpresspost Priority
December 20th December 20th
December 21st


For those ordering to the USA:

 $5 Promo Air Expedited Xpresspost Priority
December 9th December 13th
December 16th
December 21st


For those ordering to the United Kingdom:

 $5/$10 Promo Airmail Xpresspost Priority
November 30th December 3rd
December 16th


For those ordering to Australia:

 $5/$10 Promo Airmail Xpresspost Priority
November 25th November 29th
December 15th


For all other locations you can check Canada Posts article here or feel free to reach out using the contact page


  • Hi, is it possible to order to sweden if not do you have Any plans on it?
    Best regards

  • Hey Crumb!
    I was wondering if I can make an order from Chile, probably 2 or 3 different figures. Is that possible? Im from Santiago, the capital city.

    Ignacio Vera

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