Now Offering Free Shipping on Our OSRS Merch

Everyone loves free shipping, but unfortunately the cost of shipping is super expensive. When a store offers free shipping they eat the cost. For giants like Amazon and Walmart they are able to do this with relatively low minimums, $35 and $50 respectively, because they ship millions of items yearly and can negotiate with postal services.

Unlike the industry giants we are unable to negotiate deals with postal services to get better rates. Through Shopfiy we get a 20% discount which is directly passed to the customer, but this is still a premium - often costing $10-$15 for basic shipping.

Since we have such a high shipping cost, but still need to make a profit taking on this cost ourselves, we had to choose a $75 free shipping minimum. We'd love to offer free shipping at a lesser minimum, but it would not be economically feasible. 

We could have easily set this minimum much higher, say $100, but decided it is best to offer our customers the best possible deal. Hopefully this new free shipping option will help you acquire some of our OSRS Merch at less cost. :)

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